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Surety Bond Professionals is a family-owned and operated bonding agency with over 30 years of experience. With access to a broad range of surety markets, our expert agents are ready to assist with all your Nebraska notary bond needs.

What Are They?

Nebraska notary bonds are classified as license and permit surety bonds because they are a prerequisite for being commissioned by the Nebraska Secretary of State as a general notary public. The bond serves as a notary public’s guarantee to perform all notarial duties in compliance with the laws of the state of Nebraska. It also protects the state against liability for having commissioned a notary who subsequently fails to comply with the law.

Consider what notaries do, and how important it is to ensure that they operate in a completely lawful and ethical manner. Notaries are commissioned to verify the identity of people signing documents requiring notarization, witness their signatures, and apply their notary seal to confirm the validity of the signatures. Documents commonly requiring notarization include:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Wills
  • Deeds
  • Property titles
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Loan papers
  • Affidavits

Imagine the damage that a notary’s willful malfeasance, unintentional negligence, or error could do. A forged signature on one of these documents could create a lot of financial harm to innocent parties.

Nebraska notary bonds play a crucial role in protecting the public against fraud. Additionally, they ensure that funds will be available to compensate people who suffer a financial loss as a result of a notary’s unlawful, unethical, or negligent conduct.

A Nebraska notary bond protects the state and the public, not the notary. So it’s common for notaries to protect themselves against large claims by purchasing error and omissions insurance along with the required Nebraska surety bond.

Who Needs Them?

Every notary applying in Nebraska for a new commission or renewing an expiring one must first purchase a $15,000 Nebraska notary bond.

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How Do They Work?

The surety bond agreement for a Nebraska notary bond legally binds three parties:

  • The “obligee” requiring the bond is the Nebraska Secretary of State.
  • The “principal” purchasing the bond is the notary public.
  • The “surety” is the surety company approving the bond.

The terms of the surety bond agreement obligate the principal to pay valid claims filed against the bond by those who have experienced a financial loss because of the principal’s actions. Even though paying claims is the principal’s sole responsibility, typically, the surety will pay a valid claim on behalf of the principal. The principal must then reimburse the surety, which often can be done in installments.

What Do They Cost?

Nebraska notary bonds are not subject to underwriting. They are sold for a small flat fee, generally in the range of $40 to $50.

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