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What Are They?

A California notary bond is required as part of the process of becoming a notary in the state. It serves as a notary’s guarantee to carry out notarial duties in a completely lawful and ethical manner. It also protects the public against financial loss caused by a notary’s failure to do so.

By requiring the bond, the California Secretary of State is acting in the best interest of the public and ensuring the integrity of the notarial process.

Who Needs Them?

If you are in the process of becoming a California notary, you’ll be required to purchase a four-year California notary bond. Or, if your four-year term as a notary is about to expire, you’ll need to buy a new notary bond in order to renew your commission as a notary.  The bond must be submitted to the County Clerk’s office in your county of residence within 30 days of the commission’s commencement date.

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How Do They Work?

A California notary surety bond agreement is a legally binding contract between the California Secretary of State (known as the “obligee”), the notary (called the “principal”), and the surety bond agency (the “surety” for short). The required bond amount—the maximum that will be paid out for claims—is $15,000.

Notaries serve an important purpose by witnessing the signing of important documents and verifying that the signer has presented an acceptable form of identification in the same name.

Any party who suffers a financial loss as a result of a notary’s misconduct, negligence, or error has the right to file a claim against the notary’s bond. Common reasons for such claims include the following:

  • The notary failed to confirm the identity of a signer
  • Notarizing a document that wasn’t signed in the notary’s presence
  • Deliberately aiding a signer in committing fraud

The surety will investigate to make sure that the claim is valid and attempt to negotiate an amicable settlement. If all else fails, the surety will pay the claim on behalf of the principal.

That does not relieve the principal of the legal obligation to pay all valid claims. It merely buys some time for the principal to repay the surety, often in installments spread out over a certain period of time. The money still comes out of the notary’s pocket. That’s why many notaries purchase errors and omissions insurance along with a California notary bond.

What Do They Cost?

A $15,000 four-year California notary bond will cost you a one-time premium of $50.

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