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What Are They?

There are two broad categories of contractor bonds in the state of Washington: contractor license bonds and all other contractor bonds, including bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds.

Washington State Contractor License Bonds

In the state of Washington, both general construction contractors and specialty contractors must be licensed at the state level by the Department of Labor and Industries, Contractor’s Registration Section. Certain counties and municipalities also have their own contractor licensing requirements. Purchasing a contractor license bond is a mandatory step in the licensing process for all contractors.

A Washington state contractor license bond is a contractor’s pledge to operate in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations governing the construction industry. It provides protection for project owners and consumers against financial loss resulting from a licensed contractor’s unlawful or unethical business practices and actions. It also protects the state against being held liable for having issued a license to a contractor who causes such losses.

Maintaining a current contractor license bond is essential to preventing license suspension or revocation.