Why your Relationship with your Surety Bond Producer Matters

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Your relationship with a surety bond producer is like any relationship.  It needs to be a good match for what you are looking for.  A healthy relationship with your surety bond producer can be beneficial.  It can help lower your stresses at work and help your business grow.  But, what should you be looking for in a surety bond producer?  Unfortunately, there are no “match making” surety bond websites.  So we’ve outlined some things to keep in mind when choosing who will be your perfect surety bond producer match.

Qualities to Look For

First, if you are under the impression that surety bonds are not mandatory, you may actually be losing out on a lot of business.  Research has shown that the public construction industry is always growing and has consistent work.  A huge difference between public and private construction work is that public construction work requires a surety bond.   This is not always the case in the private sector.

Having a surety bond producer, who looks out for you and guides you is tantamount to success for any construction company.  A surety bond producer can also help you to better understand certain terms.  Think of them like an encyclopedia app for surety bonds.  You have a question, they have answers.  So it is also important to have a surety bond producer who is readily available, knowledgeable and has decades of experience in the field.

It is also important to have a surety bond producer in your corner who will be available.  Also, surety bond producers who have decades of experiences are worth more than gold.  They will be able to navigate fields and problems that may arise, quickly and efficiently, to make you look like the best contractor for the job.

Finally, it is important to choose a surety bond producer who knows the industry.  Ask them what their experience is and how their knowledge can help you.  Also, it is important to have a surety bond producer who looks at you as more than a number in their filing cabinet.  They should know what kind of work you do, what you specialize in and what your history has been like.  These are all questions that will be asked during the application process.

The key to any successful relationship is having someone who will look out for your best interest.  This translates well into the surety bond world as well.  A surety bond producer is there to make sure that you have the most thorough paperwork and surety bonds available, to make you the top dog in the industry.

Not only do we here, at Surety Bond Professionals, have decades of experience, but we also have some of the best relationships with underwriters in the industry.  We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and service, as well as our deep knowledge of the field.  Contact us today to start assessing your surety bond needs.