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How to Get a Lottery Retail License in New Jersey 

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How Do I Get a Lottery Retailer Agents License?

The New Jersey Lottery requires those interested in becoming a lottery retailer to call 1-800-545-4321 and have their eligibility assessed. If you meet the eligibility requirements for licensure—such as having been in business at your present location for at least three months—you’ll be provided with an application packet, and a Lottery representative will be assigned to guide you through the licensing process. 

What Does the Licensing Process Involve?

Detailed instructions will be provided to you with the licensing packet you’ll receive if pre-screening finds you eligible. You will be required to provide personal data on all owners of the establishment you are seeking to have licensed. The completed, signed application authorizes the New Jersey Lottery to conduct a criminal record check and pull a credit history on each applicant. Criminal convictions may be disqualifying, as can a credit history that does not meet the Lottery’s financial responsibility standards.

Being granted a license obligates lottery retailers to abide by the New Jersey Lottery Retailer Code of Conduct, which requires that lottery retailers and their employees must “responsibly sell and redeem New Jersey Lottery tickets with integrity, respect, and social responsibility.” Acting with integrity means, first and foremost, complying with all laws and regulations governing the New Jersey Lottery. Violating the Code of Conduct results in internal disciplinary action, including possible license revocation, but carries no financial penalties or restitution for financial harm to the state.

To ensure there is a way for the Lottery to recover monetary damages resulting from a lottery retailer’s unlawful or unethical lottery activities, all applicants are required to pay a small annual bonding fee directly to the state as a condition for receiving a lottery retailer license. The bonding fee must be paid again at every bi-annual license renewal.

Why Is a Lottery Bond Required?

Bonding fees go into a fund that provides financial protection for the New Jersey Lottery and the public. When a lottery retailer commits an infraction that causes a financial loss, such as failing to remit lottery sales proceeds to the state as required, the loss can be recovered from that fund, which functions like a blanket surety bond covering all licensed lottery retailers in New Jersey.

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