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July 21, 2016

Guardianship Bonds – Apply Now

A guardianship bond is when a court appoints a person (the guardian) to take care of the affairs of another person (known as the ward). The guardian is entrusted with taking care of the ward’s personal and financial affairs. Sadly, this does not always happen.  One sometimes hears of cases where a guardian abuses their power at the detriment to the ward. A guardianship bond is usually a requirement when the court determines guardianship. Although each guardianship bond varies it is an invaluable reassurance to the family of the ward. It helps to deter those who may seek to be a guardian for their own financial benefit. A guardianship bond acts as a form of assurance that the guardian will fulfill their lawful duties in the best interest of the ward. Like other surety bonds, a guardianship bond is a three party contract between the courts, the guardian and the surety. If a ward suffers at the hands of the guardian, the guardianship bond will cover the damages and then will demand compensation from the guardian to recoup the surety’s money. Here are five times where a guardianship bond can be a lifesaver: 1. Incompetence: Being a guardian can be...

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